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It is a pleasure to work with a concern which not only understands and accomodates customer requests, but also adds value to them through inventing applications and ideas.

--- Indranil Ray.
West Bengal, INDIA.

This was a much larger project than I had envisaged, but I am very happy with the result and it was not a time-sensitive project. Meticulous Technologies were unfailingly courteous and helpful.

--- Stanford Harrison.
Fisher, Australia.

One of the best company you could work with. I actually left more than required as gratitude for the excellent job

--- buubuujak.
BROOKLYN, United States.

They were an extreme pleasure to work with. They are prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. I would definitely hire them again and recommend them for anyone's job. A+ work!

--- Thomas Kang.
Seoul, Korea.

Very good Company! Got the job done!

--- Aoub Benkacem.
United Kingdom.

Meticulous Technologies Solutions has completed the project successfully. In addition, Meticulous Technologies Solutions has shown flexibility and patience whenever needed. I highly recommend. Thank you

--- LOR Vila.

UPS(Ultimate Pharmacy Solution)

It is a must required software for Medical Shops.[Read More]

product picture of Create Remote Database

Create Remote Database

If you are having an online SQL Server database on an online database server, with a website hosting service provider. But they are not providing any database management tool to create your database on that server Or the tool they are providing, you are not comfortable using that particular tool; then you came to the right place. Use this product by installing it on your Windows OS computers/laptops and then run it and then select a .sql file/script from your local computer(where this software is being run) and provide the remote database server connection string, on which you are wanting the selected .sql file/script to be executed, and click a single button and wait for just few moments(depending on the size of the selected .sql file/script and the respond time of the remote database server and the speed of your Internet connection) and it is done.

Price: $6 USD. It is only an one time cost of this software and there is no other cost associated.

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